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Italian Cuisine in Riverside restaurant

Italian Cuisine in Riverside restaurant

Intercultural cooking for the community in the town of Razlog is one reborn initiative of IIC. 

The volunteers from “Creative Youth Academy” project (CYA) which is a project financed by Erasmus+ will cook their own traditional cuisine in Riverside restaurant in the town of Razlog. The aim of this initiative is to offer to the people from the town something different and to have the chance to try the taste of different countries.

Our volunteers from Italy, Spain and Portugal will cook their traditional dishes learned from their mothers and grandmothers.

The first was the Italian team. Janiki and Filly showed us their delicious recipes (Parmigiana, Bagna Cauda, Pasta al Forno, Pignolata, Tiramisu, Strudel di mele, Tajarin all’occitana). The whole day they were preparing the meals with the help of the other volunteers.


Except our team and other people from the society in Riverside restaurant was the Club of the sommelier from the town of Razlog who had a wine tasting and the Italian cuisine was the perfect combination.

Everybody enjoyed the Italian dinner and they are expecting the Spanish and Portuguese impatiently.

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