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Make a Difference 3 “MaD Vietnam”


IIC is looking for 7 Bulgarian volunteers in Vietnam.

EVS duration: 2 months from 1 December 2014 till 1 February 2015

Project objectives:

The main objectives of the project are:

-to build the capacity of the volunteers for personal and professional realisation and to develop their knowledge and skills in non-formal education, intercultural learning and active participation, thus to turn them into multipliers in their societies;

-to encourage cooperation between partners from European and non-European countries in the field of youth policies and youth support systems;

-to encourage intercultural dialogue between young people with different cultural background and to promote common cultural values, thus to contribute to social inclusion and social cohesion.

Project themes:

The volunteers from Bulgaria who will implement their EVS in Vietnam will be able to share experience with youth workers there and to identify best practices in youth work which are innovative for the Bulgarian reality, as the host organisation in Vietnam have extensive experience in volunteering programmes and workcamps, but often they use different methods and tools from the ones popular in Bulgaria. Thus when they turn back to Bulgaria they will be able to contribute with innovative methods and approaches and enhance local and national youth support systems.

The theme of art and culture is incorporated in the project to a great extend as the volunteers will act as cultural ambassadors of their countries by organising cultural workshops in an artistic way during the WINDOWS atelier. The volunteers will have to challenge their creativity and promote their culture in the most attractive way. They will develop multimedia products during their EVS as well.

The volunteers will have the chance to participate in some of the following activities:

  • workcamp for poor community;
  • eco-tourism development in community;
  • workshops at universities about non-formal education;
  • working in NGO office;
  • take lead in kid club in ancient village;
  • joining students English clubs in Hanoi;
  • and much more….

Interested candidates can contact us for more information.

International Initiatives for Cooperation

1 Ekzarh Yosif str, Razlog 2760, Bulgaria

e-mails; tkostadinka@gmail.com / davidraigalb@gmail.com

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