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Opportunity for Training course

Opportunity for Training course

International Initiatives for Cooperation is looking for:

4 Young, motivated people (years 18+, 2 male and 2 female) to participate in a TC

Name of the project: ”My Profession is My Future” in a frame on program ERASMUS+ KA1 Mobility of Youth Workers TC

When:  29th January-05th February 2016

Where: Isparta, Turkey

Summary of the Project

Youngsters integrate with the society and gain social identity and status when they have jobs. Unemployment restricts people’s adaptation in society and causes disappointment and distress for them. The statistics points out that unemployment among young people is increasing all over the Europe, where in several countries it has even reached more than 40%. There are many factors behind the problem of youth unemployment, for instance: lack of particular skills, insufficient educational system, mismatches between education and needs in labour market, lack of self confidence, lack of self esteem etc.. Young people need support during the period of unemployment.

This Erasmus+ KA1 Mobility for Youth Workers project will gather 24 youth workers from programme countries. The 7 days of activity will be implemented in Isparta/Turkey. Participants of the project will be the youth workers active in youth field and having the economic, social and geographical disadvantages will be the main criterias for the participants’ selection. In addition we aim to include unemployed participants in our project. Our primary aim in the project is to make a positive effect on unemployment issue as young workers participants sharing the experiences they get from the project with the youngsters in their countries. Thus we aim to help youngsters gain self-confidence, increase their motivation and help them be more active in the society. At the same time we want to empower young people to effectively transform their skills and preferences into employment and empower their feeling of enterprise. We also aim to increase the recognition of voluntary work as working experience. Moreover we will raise awareness about employment opportunity. In the activity while we are achieving our targets we are planning to use different sorts of non-formal educational methodologies such as workshops; group works; dramas and simulations; question and answer method; real life situation method and active participation method. The participants will be able to see similar problems in European dimensions. The youngsters and youth workers will experience intercultural meetings with other young people from different backgrounds and cultures without any form of discrimination on grounds of gender, racial origin, religion or belief, disability or sexual orientation. The participants will have opportunity to work together to see wider horizons with different ideas, develop mutual understanding through cross-cultural exchange, learn more about European Voluntary Service and strengthen the identity of European Citizenship in the long term . The project also presents cultural events, trips, exhibitions and well-organized outdoor activities.

Contacts: To apply, you must send us your application form to e-mail address: tkostadinka@gmail.com

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