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Short – Term EVS in Kalamata, Greece in community working (CLOSED)

Short – Term EVS in Kalamata, Greece in community working (CLOSED)

Are you looking for a short-term experience abroad?

Great opportunity in Kalamata, Greece, ( only for bulgarians) where it’s now opened the call for a two months EVS experience in different fields of social working such as agricolture, animal assistance and support in activities with people with disabilities. 

Starting from the 6/4/18


The volunteers will be assigned tasks according to their skills and interests.

The proposed tasks are:

Natural farming

– Field work: Planting trees/vegetables, maintain the ground
– Observe and document (written, photo, video) the process and the results
– Create campaigns
– Be responsible to prepare and carry out the 3R (reduce-reuse-recycle) workshop at the youth centre of Kalamata – Participate in actions like beach cleaning, park cleaning, other environmental actions

Dog shelter

– Assisting in the daily running of the animal shelter
– Cleaning the place and taking care of the material
– Feeding the dogs, bringing the fresh water and washing the bawls – Taking care of dog’s hygiene
– Taking the dogs for a walk
– Preparing the dogs for the adoption
– Fixing the fences and the dog’s houses

KEFIAP center for the people with disabilities

– Assisting staff at the Kefiab centre with activities and therapies.
– Working with the specialist staff to develop activities and non-formal education games. – Helping to care for and look after the wellbeing of the users of the centre.
– Accompanying the users during their transport to the Kefiab centre.

Please don’t campaign

– Mapping of the disability access points and they will monitor the use of the ramps and cars parking on them
– Update the #please don’t campaign on Facebook and Twitter.
– Photos of cars parked on ramps will be put on an image with the logo please don’t on them and them published

Common tasks

– Writing the articles for bimonthly magazine LINK and EVSKalamata blog
– Create video documentaries for the Youtube channel KANE TV
– Create pictures, drawings and artwork in general for the websites of the organisation
– Participation in the programming, development and evaluation of the activities.
– Preparation of the material; searching, finding and developing the informational resources.

– Implementing other activities of the organization, like workshops, info-days, special events etc.
– Following the environmental schedule of the Youth Centre (cleaning of urban spaces, environmental actions etc.) – Creation of other educational activities.
– Taking initiatives and proposing to the organization and the local youth new projects, fresh ideas etc.
– Developing of other projects on social, environmental and cultural issues.

If you are interested in the projects, please fill the application form downloadable here and send it to our following contacts, we are open to any kind of questions you might have:







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