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Association “International Initatives for Cooperation” (IIC) is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation established in 2003. The association is working on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, having its head office in the town of Razlog.

The mission of the association is to develop and build up the capacity of the civil society in Bulgaria through designing and implementing different projects, activities and initiatives aimed at promoting the cultural, social and economical development of the country and respectively of the municipalities on its territory.

In order to achieve its mission the association has directed its efforts in the following fields:


There are 30 – 35 young volunteers aged between 13 and 19 years that collaborate actively with the organisation. They are trustful young people working for their own personal development and standing for their civic position. They are conscious how important their role in the society is and through the activities of the organisation they support its development and growth. They have much knowledge and skills in the youth sphere and they can work easily in intercultural environment.

With the support of the association the volunteers develop, implement and take part in a number of European youth projects such as seminars, trainings and youth exchanges. The volunteers are creative and innovative, open-minded for new ideas and adventures. They promote active citizenship among young people through organising various initiatives and supporting the local youth development.


The organisation is hosting volunteers and interns coming from Europe and Arabic countries through different European programs. They work with the local community organising artistic, linguistic, or sports workshops, participate to the development of the organisation’s activities and can develop their own project.


15-20 adult volunteers are helping the organisation to develop cultural activities and events for the local community.


Since 2007, association “International Initatives for Cooperation” is the Head of the Bulgarian Network of “Anna Lindh – Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for the Dialogue between Cultures”. Since then the organisation has been implementing a number of activities and initiative aimed at promoting the intercultural dialogue among the civil society in Bulgaria.


Since its very beginning IIC is developing and implementing a number of activities aimed at creating equal opportunities, improving the quality of life of people with fewer opportunities, fighting discrimination and xenophobia and promoting tolerance among members of the civil society. Some of the most significant activities in this field are the construction of a sheltered home for elderly people, establishment and development of a resource center for young people, reducing juvenile delinquency, surveys and researches concerning the roots and manifestations of racism and xenophobia and methods and approaches to fight these manifestations.


Since 2003 IIC have been implementing a number of activities related to the improvement of the transparency and accountability of the state administration. The most significant projects in this field consist of the delivery of trainings related to good and transparent governance and the delivery of quality services to citizens by the municipal officials and people working in the judicial system.


IIC also works towards the promotion of economic development. The most significant activity in that field is a project financed by “6th Framework Programme” which aims at providing services and support to companies working in the field of renewable energy production.

In the future IIC plans to extend its activities in the field of economic development through developing and implementing projects and initiatives related to the development of alternative tourism and offering consultancy and logistic support to SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) in the process of European integration and the implementation of projects financed by the European Structural Funds.


IIC is part of a number of national and international formal and non-formal networks. The most significant are Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for the Dialogue Between Cultures (www.euromedalex.org) and Eurodesk (www.eurodesk.org) and YouthNET, a network of youth organizations from Central and Eastern Europe and Caucasus, (www.youthnetonline.eu).

Tel./Fax 0035974780945
Mobile: 00359898522414
Address: 1, Ekzarh Yosif Street
2760 Razlog Bulgaria
E-mail: office@iicbg.org


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