International workshops within “Steps 4 LIFE” project

International workshops within “Steps 4 LIFE” project

Association “International Initiatives for Cooperation” (IIC), Razlog

is organising international workshops as part of a final event organized within “Steps 4 Life” Project. They will address different non-formal methods in the work with young people in various fields.

The event is organised in the frame of project “Steps 4 Life” financed by Erasmus+ programme (Capacity building). The project is a continuation of two other projects “Steps 4 NGOs” and “StepsIN” financed by “Youth in action” programme. Two representatives per partner organisations will be present at the event. The whole collected experience will be shared with representatives of the non-governmental sector in Bulgaria, educational and social institutions and policy makers who are working in the field of youth development. Active citizens will be present as well.

“Steps 4 Life” project gathers 9 partners from 7 international countries. Coordinator and initiator of the project is Association International Initiatives for Cooperation and the partners are: Hope Association, Bulgaria, Open Education Center Foundation, Bulgaria, Volunteers Initiative Nepal (VIN), Nepal, IIWC PKBI, Indonesia, Youth for Sustainable Development Assembly Inc. (YSDA), the Philippines, Solidarites Jeunesses Vietnam (SJ Vietnam), Vietnam, Vive Mexico A.C., Mexico and Foundation in Movement: Art for Social Change, Uganda. The aim of the project is to introduce and develop prerequisite for applying of non-formal education in the youth work in countries like Mexico, Vietnam, Nepal, Indonesia, the Philippines and Uganda. Through the project the non-formal methods in youth work were introduced as a powerful tool for increasing the creative thinking, creativity and active participation in the social life of the community as well as enrichment of personal and professional life of the youngsters. Three international training courses with representatives of the target groups of the project, youth workers, youth leaders, students and representatives of active non-governmental organisations were conducted during this project. The training courses were held respectively in Morelia, Mexico (June 2015), Semarang, Indonesia (October 2015) and Hanoi, Vietnam (February 2016). The participants who passed the training modules together with the project partners will conduct five-day local trainings with different target groups on different topics concerning the local community in the period from February till April 2016.

The workshops will be held in hotel Hemus Sofia on 6-7-8.05.2016. The subject of the workshops will be non-formal education in youth work in it’s different variations with representatives of NGO sector and different stakeholders.

The topics of the workshops will be as follow:


  • Prosecuting Globalisation – Vive Mexico A.C.
  • Could Globalization be considered a hub of prospect opportunities for the entrepreneurial youth – Association “Arabis”
  • The Layer Beneath – In Movement Uganda
  • Social Sport Models – Hristo Dokov
  • Peace culture – Association “Hope”
  • The Art – success tool for communication among the youth – theater “Youth tolerance” 


  • International workcamp leadership – IIWC Indonesia
  • 5 steps for successful social innovation – Vladimir Vasilev
  • Non-formal education – proff. Rumen Valchev
  • Providing social services to disabled and disadvantaged groups – SJ Vietnam
  • Content marketing and Social media – Justine Toms


  • Establishing social enterprises, organization, and movement based on provided cases of social conditions, resources, and human factors, with the aim of devising solutions that are tailor – YSDA Philippines 
  • Prosecuting Globalisation – Vive Mexico A.C.
  • Volunteering for social changes (supporting people after natural disasters and social crises) – VIN Nepal

Workshop schedule here you can find the complete schedule for the workshops

The participation is free. If you are interest to participate please contact us via the following emails:

Or register at



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