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“Our Storytelling: cultural sharing is caring”, Youth Exchange (closed)

“Our Storytelling: cultural sharing is caring”, Youth Exchange (closed)

International Initiatives for Cooperation is looking for 7 Bulgarian participants (6 youngsters + 1 group leader) to participate in a Youth Exchange in Athens, Greece.

Youth Exchange is within the “Our Storytelling: cultural sharing is caring” project.

Dates of YE are: 19-28 October 2019

Travel dates: Arrival: 18/10 & Departure: 29/10

Selection criteria for the participants

– Age (18-30)

– Ability to communicate fluently in English

– Citizenship or long-term residence in the respective partner country (e.g. for studies/work or long-term volunteering project), where your organization is based

– High interest in the subject and full commitment for active participation throughout the project

During this project the participants will explore together the educational aspect of culture with a specific emphasis on sharing basic elements of our cultures, such as legends and myths, food, art, music, local customs, rules of culturally accepted conduct etc. Through this exploration they will better understand the beliefs, attitudes, values and habits of various cultures, discover elements of common cultural heritage, and celebrate our differences, so that we become “United in Diversity”.

The objectives of the project are:

1)Create a “Cultural Exploration” platform through which youth will better understand the richness of European culture

2) Provide young participants the necessary foundation and tools to become culturally sensitive and competent, so that they are optimally prepared for a globalized world

3) Use storytelling as a tool to enhance communication skills and interaction abilities in young people (conscious listening, empathetic communication, effective self-expression and public speaking) to counteract the adverse effects of new technologies in the quality of interpersonal relationships

4) Cultivate a mentality of social responsibility, participatory approach and active citizenship in the young generation

If you are interested send your CV to those e-mail: tkostadinka@gmail.com; inter.initia.cooperation@gmail.com

Deadline for application: 4 October 2019

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