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All Our Talents

All Our Talents


TITLE All ouR Talents , ART
FOUNDING PROGRAM Youth in action, Action 1 Youth for Europe
PERIOD From  01 /  07 /   2010  to 30 /  09  /2010
PARTNERS 1. International initiatives for Cooperation, Bulgaria
2. Young Partners for Civil Society Development, Romania
3. Youthnet Hellas, Greece
4. Portanuova Europa, Italy
5. Informadores Juveniles, Spain
OBJECTIVES All the planned activities in this international exchange program contribute to strengthen the European identity of the participants but also enrich their values for a better civic activity and participation in all the processes regarding the European construction. The participants show and share their talents with young people from Europe. The use of non formal educational methods will help young people realize their cultural differences but also the common values they share. The project thrives to question the discrimination and inequality in Europe   while giving the possibility for dialogue uniting young participants in different art actions.
OUTCOMES With these project workshops young people from Europe prepared a musical show, theatrical play and created a handmade works of art. A planned cultural event “Open fair of talents and cultures” presented the result of their work to the local public. Local media took the event closer to the people, presenting further information to the public and gave young people the possibility to share their talents and explore new possibilities.
BUDGET Total budget N/A

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