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Call for Bulgarian participants for 2 short term EVS in Kalamata, Greece (CLOSED)

Call for Bulgarian participants for 2 short term EVS in Kalamata, Greece (CLOSED)

IIC is looking for two people who are eager to participate in short term EVS in Kalamata, Greece from 17.07.2017 – 06.08.2017 during their annual Street Festival.

Kalamata is one of the most cultural cities in Greece, with a long tradition in dance, theatre and music as well as a well organized municipal organization for cultural development, various museums, galleries, theatres etc. The peak of the cultural activity of the town is July where various festivals take place, one of them being our own Kalamata Street Festival. The idea is to bring together a group of 16 young people from 8 different countries that, through this EVS project, will help with the promotion and implementation of the Kalamata Street Festival.
The activities of this project are structured in a way as to facilitate the learning outcomes and the skills development of the volunteers. The methods used will be based on non-formal learning and skills exchange (peer to peer, learning by doing, different workshops, experiential learning, etc). The participants will be able to suggest and implement their own activities, using elements from their own cultures and backgrounds, thus promoting the importance of cultural diversity in Europe and developing their organisational and project management skills.

The volunteers’ role/tasks in the project:

  • Promote the festivals (Finding and using innovative ways to promote the festivals, e.g. Flash mobs, street acts, etc.);
    prepare materials;
  • assist the organizers in various tasks (e.g. preparing the places of the activities, communicating with people);
  • take care of the place of the festival and of the other activities;
  • set up and arrange the materials for the festival as well as gathering everything after the festival;
  • help with the parallel activities during the festival (bazaar, video projections, bar, stage, skate area, etc.) organize their own “parallel activities” and workshops;
  • document everything (taking pictures, videos, etc);
  • participate in cultural and social activities of the organization;
  • create blog for the cultural activities of the town promoting the Street Festival

The project requires a high level of commitment from the side of the volunteer, sense of solidarity and tolerance and willingness to work within a team. Priority is given to volunteers with fewer opportunities and volunteers with a background in Street Arts.

The volunteers will share rooms with people from different nationalities, all EVS volunteers, both short-term as well as long term. Depending on the size of the room, two to four volunteers will be sharing the same room. The accommodation has fully equiped kitchen, where volunteers can cook their food, as well as bathrooms.

All expenses (travel costs and accommodation) are covered by Erasmus+ programme.

If you are interested to participate and to apply please send your CVs to the following emails:

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