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Call for Bulgarian participants for Training Course – I CAN – Greece (CLOSED)

Call for Bulgarian participants for Training Course – I CAN – Greece (CLOSED)

IIC is looking for 2 motivated people to participate in training course (I CAN – Imagination and Creativity for Active participation and eNtrepreneurship)  in Kalamata, Greece from 02 April to 09 April 2017.

Project description: 

In the Europe of the economic and social crisis, one can observe an increase in passivism and negativity. The high youth unemployment rates combined with the intensification of stereotypes (promoted also by the media) and the increased marginalization and intolerance towards certain groups of people (Roma, immigrants, people living in extreme poverty, etc), lead to a negative self-­‐image, mistrust of the society and social vulnerability, especially among young people. Imagination has a great role and value in each one’s life. The creative power of imagination has an important role in the achievement of success in any field. What we imagine with faith and feelings comes into being. It is the important ingredient of creative visualization, positive thinking and affirmations. Imagination and Creativity can give young people what they need in order to regain their optimism, be empowered and develop their sense of initiative and entrepreneurship. As youth workers, we need to be able to respond to the needs of the young people, using tools and methods that will foster their imagination and boost their creativity.


-­ Define imagination and creativity and their importance for young people
-­ Explore how imagination and creativity can be used to foster and develop the sense of initiative and entrepreneurship
-­ Promote the exchange of best practices and the transfer of innovation.
-­ Discover and create tools and methods that support the development of imagination and creativity of the young people
-­ Enable participants to reflect on the already successful good practices and develop new ones.
-­ Share knowledge about the ERASMUS+ programme and create a network for the development of common projects in the near future.


Accommodation and food is covered by the programme and travel costs are related to the distance calculator of Erasmus+.

All participants will stay at Byzantio Hotel (www.byzantiokalamata.gr). The hotel is a simple bed and breakfast, at the central square of Kalamata. It is 10 minutes (650 meters) walking to the Youth Centre of Kalamata (the place the seminar will take place).

If you are interested to participate please fill the attached application for participants attached to this post and send it to the following emails:

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