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Cultural Mish-Mash

TITLE Cultural Mish-Mash
FOUNDING PROGRAM Youth in action
PERIOD From 03-06-2013 to 31-10-2013
PARTNERS 1. Association “International Initiatives for Cooperation”, Bulgaria
2. European Youth Centre Břeclav o. s., Czech republic
4. Asociacion Cultural Arte Brasilera Ceuta, Spain
5. Associazione di promozione sociale Joint, Italy
6. “We Go Project”, Lithuania
7. ARTILT-D, Latvia
OBJECTIVES The project objectives are as follows:
1. To improve the awareness of the participants on common cultural values and existing cultural differences between European countries.
2. To improve the ability of the participants for communication in a multicultural environment and to suggest the cultural differences as an important “ingredient” giving the “flavor” of the everyday life.
3. To stimulate creative and innovative practices for better multicultural dialogue and cultural awareness.
Through the main objectives the project will encourage the participants to develop greater spirit of solidarity and tolerance. As a result a better understanding between young people from all the Europe shall encourage the intercultural dialogue, creating a valuable space for new initiatives.
OUTCOMES Information for the project will be published in social media and in our partners’ network. Every partner country will host a cultural event in order to present the results and promote the multicultural exchange through video presentation of all the events that took place. A cooking book promoting the European cultural heritage will be published and distributed in partner’s networks.
The developed methodology for intercultural communication through the art of gastronomy will present a non formal and creative way for intercultural dialogue distribution.
SUMMARY Cultural Mish-Mash (CMM) is a multilateral intercultural youth exchange which main topic is the promotion of intercultural dialogue,
encouraging tolerance and mutual understanding through culinary art. Thirty-six youngsters and youth leaders from Bulgaria,
Lithuania, Latvia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Spain and Italy will take part in the project. The envisaged activities will be held from 23 to
31 August 2013 in the region of Razlog, Bulgaria. During the project, youngsters from seven countries with different social and
cultural background will live and work together for 8 days. The working programme of the project includes sessions that will
contribute to the development of solidarity and tolerance between young people, team-building, acceptance of cultural differences
and values, active participation of young people and encouraging creativity. Public events are envisaged, through which the
participants will be able to interact with the local community and present their own culture, while at the same time they will
experience the culture of Bulgaria.
BUDGET Total budget 16205,00 / Co-financement 3105,00
LINKS 1. Association “International Initiatives for Cooperation”, Bulgaria
WEB: www.iicbg.com
Email: tkostadinka@gmail.com
2. European Youth Centre Břeclav o. s., Czech republic
WEB: www.eycb.eu
Email: eycb.info@gmail.com
Email: youthnetcyprus@gmail.com
4. Asociacion Cultural Arte Brasilera Ceuta, Spain
Email: eurodeskceuta@gmail.com
5. Associazione di promozione sociale Joint, Italy
WEB: www.associazionejoint.org
Email: youthinaction@associazionejoint.org
6. “We Go Project”, Lithuania
WEB: http://www.wegoproject.lt
Email: Kikutis.m@gmail.com
7. ARTILT-D, Latvia
WEB: www.artilt.dauga.lv
Email: k-romanovska@inbox.lv

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