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Euro-Med Conference on “Translation for Dialogue”

Euro-Med Conference on “Translation for Dialogue”

The Euro-Med Conference on “Translation for Dialogue” that will take place in Portoroz, Slovenia from 23 to 24 June 2016  and is organized in collaboration with the Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Euro-Mediterranean University- EMUNI.

This Conference is part of the Translation Programme aiming in advocating for the central role of translation as an instrument in the promotion of intercultural dialogue across the Euro-Mediterranean space.  This intent is part of the Anna Lindh Foundation’s new, long-term strategy “Working Together Towards 2025” that we shared together during our last Head of Network meeting in Brussels. A note about the programme is attached below.

It is in the framework that the Foundation is organizing this conference to highlight on the initiatives and good practices and to debate the main topics and instruments required in the framework of a future programme to be launch in this occasion.  An steering committee meeting has been organized in Alexandria last January to elaborate on the agenda of the conference. During the meeting it has been stressed the relevance of the national networks as well as the main topics to be discussed during the working sessions in Slovenia such as : the role of translation face the current socio-cultural challenges in the region;   concrete initiatives to advocate for translation; the development of interactive platforms for networking and the needs for potential funds to supported in the field of the intercultural dialogue and translations.

The conference will gather around 100 actors, institutions and experts involved in the field of translation from the region.  The institutions and actors having the following profile are invited to apply to participate in the conference:

–         Libraries
–         Universities (language departments and translations)
–         Translation and Literature Agencies and Associations
–         Translation and Research
–         Publishing houses
–         Performing arts sector at large (those who uses Translation or translated works in their artwork productions)

Proposals should be received no later than Thursday 17th of March 2016.

Please contact us at tkostadinka@gmail.com

Translation for Intercultural Dialogue _Summary to HoN

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