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“Migrants, Minorities in EUrope”

“Migrants, Minorities in EUrope”

Training Course 11th -19th August 2016 (Struga, Macedonia, Former Yugoslav Republic of)

The context

This TC addresses the question how a conceptual re-framing of challenging anti-discrimination against European minorities as a key competence of European citizens can impact civic education, solidarity and social inclusion.
It aims to raise the awareness and critical thinking of young European citizens and also about racism and discrimination and its historical roots in Europe as well as to strengthen their capacity as youth activists and educators to rum education activities.

The methodology

The training course will equip participants with specific methodology Forum Theater which is very incentive and attractive. The context of the real situation on the ground with the minority members in different EU counties will be addressed in a creative way. The method can reach many young people both minority members and non-minority members.

25 participants

From: Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Macedonia, Former Yugoslav Republic of, Poland, Portugal, Romania, United Kingdom

Participation fee: 25 EUR

For more information please write to this e-mail: tcmigrantsminorities@gmail.com

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