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TITLE STEPs 4 Learning Innovation for Education
PERIOD From 2014/2015
PARTNERS 1. International Initiatives for Cooperation
2. Open Education Centre Foundation
3. Hope Assotiation
4. Quest Volunteer Travels & Tours (P) Ltd
5. IIWC Indonesia
6. Youth for Sustainable Development Assembly (YSDA)
7. Vietnam Youth Education Support Center
8. Vive Mexico A.C.
9. In Movement: Art for Social Change
OBJECTIVES The overall oblective of the proposal is to introduce and to set the prerequisite for applying non-formal and informal education in the work with youngsters in pilot Partner countries like Mexico, Vietnam, Nepal, Indonesia, the Philippines and Uganda.  Non-formal and informal methods in youth work are very powerful tools to enhance creativity , to enrich the personal and the professional experience and to create multiple-choice opportunities for young people.
The current project proposal targets to address the following concrete aims:
• To build up the capacities of youth workers in Partner countries through introducing innovative methods of work that will diversify their services and hopefully will have greater impact on youth.
• To boost the potential of young people in Partner Countries  through applying  non-formal and informal education in youth work as a tool for effective and successful realization;
• To foster and strengthen the long term sustainable cooperation between youth organisations from Programme and Partner countries building upon the previous experience  and extending it in the field of non-formal and informal education for youth;
• To contribute to the process of development of quality training programmes and methodologies for youth, based on the European experience in the field of non-formal and informal education;
• To build up the capacity of youth organisations from Partner countries with the purpose of contributing towards the process of sustainable community growth through youth development empowerment and active participation.
• To develop a network of youth organisations and other relevant stakeholders from Programme and Partner countries aimed at maintaining the exchange of experience and good practices in the field of non-formal and informal education using contemporary, interactive online resources;
OUTCOMES The present project proposal addresses the one main target group, namely youth workers and leaders from NGOs form the 6 pilot Partner countries who are ready to transfer and apply the non-formal educalional methods into their work with young people, with the idea to help the boost their potential and develop their personal and professional skills.
The beneficiaries of the project are young people who use the servicess of theose organisations a as well as other partner NGOs who can benefit from the project results
Some of the expected results are to create the preconditions and prerequisites for introducing and transferring non-formal and informal education in Partner countries set up, to increase the capacity of our partner organizations to network and cooperate on international level but also to increase the capacity of our partner organizations to work with different groups of youngsters while respecting their specific social needs. To accomplish these goals 3 international, 18 national trainings will take place etc.
SUMMARY The project is a continuation of previous two projects that International Initiatives for Cooperation has implemented – STEPs 4 NGOs and STEPs IN (with Nepal, Vietnam, Mexico and Peru). IIC is a partner of another Action 3.2 project called LSD partnering with Indonesia and the Philippines. Open Education centre has built sustainable relationship with African and Asian countries hrough an EuropeAid project. The current project idea has come out as a result from need analysis for development and training of the partner organsations. The idea had been crystalizing through a number of meetings between partners.
The project will try to strengthen the work of the NGOs and to give new perspective for development by equipping them with new tools, instruments, thinking, approaches and methods. The project will also search to establish collaboration with formal education institution and to find the equilibrium where formal, non-formal and informal education can supplement each other in favour of better learning outcomes and higher results.
BUDGET Total budget N/A

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