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The Boulevard of Christmas trees 2015

The Boulevard of Christmas trees 2015

For a third consecutive year “International Initiatives for Cooperation” organized the festive event the Boulevard of Christmas trees with the support of the Municipality of Razlog.

We believe that Christmas is an emotion to be shared, it is associated with children laughter and hope for a brighter and better new year. Since we wanted to make all the residents of Razlog and the area a part of this emotion, we came up with the idea of the Boulevard of Christmas trees back in 2011. Since then, the event became a well-expected celebration that connects people and recreates the spirit of Christmas in early December. In the early morning of 4th December 2015, all the participant started decorating their trees and in the late afternoon, the lights of the main Christmas tree in front of the municipality were lit.  This year, 83 institutions, organizations and groups of friends came to decorate their own Christmas tree in a creative way. Between the participants, there were high schools, children day care centers, private companies and non-government organizations that all came to celebrate the upcoming holiday and create their own unique Christmas tree. More than 600 people were involved in the preparation and decoration of the trees. The creative decoration of some of the participants included fruits, meat, animal leather and condoms. These are not the typical decorations you would see in a Christian household but that was the point of the event: to provoke the participants to think out of the box and create an extraordinary decoration that will amaze residents in the snowy Christmas season.

International Initiatives for Cooperation’s team would like to express its gratitude to all who participated in the event and helped us create this museum of Christmas trees because each Christmas tree is a unique piece of art. Enjoy the pictures in our gallery and stay inspired until the next Christmas!



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