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Theatre as a Tool for Social Change

Theatre as a Tool for Social Change

Seminar / Conference

5-11 July 2016 | La Seu d’Urgell, Pyrenees, Spain

Seminar Theatre as a Tool for Social Change is aimed to bring together youth workers, trainers, educators, actors and volunteers, who use theatre as a tool in their practice and exchange best practices in this field.

The project will consist of laboratory of experiences, debates, exploration of empathy through reading workshops, establishing background for future cooperation and elaboration of a final ‘product’- a brochure that will include all the workshops created and performed by the participants of the project.

The method of work will be based on non-formal education, using games, open spaces, team-building activities in order to create a positive environment for exchange of experiences, practices and new creations. All workshops will be open to youth workers, trainers, educators and volunteers of Alt Urgell interested in theatre as a tool for social change, in order to spread the successful practice of theatre.

Objectives of the course:
– Exchange information about power of theatre as a tool in social change, demonstrating it through examples of specific work performed by participants in their organizations: methods and experience.
– Offer to participants space of support, motivation and improvement of the espects of their work for its maximum efficiency.
– Demonstrate the importance of empathy (as a basic attitude in youth work), exploring theatre plays and their meaning.
– Provide insight into connection between academy and practice.
– Improve communication and future collaboration between European organizations that use theatre as a tool in social change.

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