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Training courses for multipliers in Mexico

Training courses for multipliers in Mexico



On 6-16 of July  in Morelia, Mexico there will be placed a training course for multipliers. The training course is held within STEPS 4 Learning Innovation for Education project financed by Erasmus + program. The International Initiatives for Cooperation association from Bulgaria is the leading organization and the partners of the project are associations from Mexico, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Uganda, Bulgaria. This training course is the first from the international series of training courses for multipliers. During the training the participants will be divide into small mixed teams and will prepare a two-day training program on a certain topic to test and apply the concepts that they have learned and the skills that they have acquired during the training. They will work with the supervision of an experienced NFE expert from Bulgaria. The knowledge and skills will be tested in a real-life situation on the field delivering trainings to university students. The work of each team will be supervised by one expert. The international trainings will encompass 16 international trainers during the first 5 days and 80 local youngsters. Let’s wish them luck and Kostadinka and David promise to send pictures.


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