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STEPS 4 LEAD project

STEPS 4 LEAD project

FOUNDING PROGRAM Erasmus +/Capacity Building in the Field of Youth
PERIOD From 01 December 2018 to 30 November 2020
PARTNERS 1. Association “International Initiatives for Cooperation”, Bulgaria

2. Social Youth Development (K.A.NE.), Greece3.Minority Leaders for Society – MLS, North Macedonia

4.Europe House Slavonski Brod, Croatia

5. YouNet, Italy

6. Orissa State Volunteers and Social Workers Association, India

7. Volunteers Initiative Nepal (VIN), Nepal

8.Bridging The Gaps Organization – BTG Inc., Philippines

9.Solidarites Jeunesses, Vietnam

10.Cambodian Youth Action (CYA), Cambodia

OBJECTIVES The project objectives are as follows:

-to build the capacity of the volunteers for personal and professional realization and to develop their knowledge and skills in non-formal education, intercultural learning and active participation, thus to turn them into multipliers in their societies;

-to encourage cooperation between partners from European and non-European countries in the field of youth policies and youth support systems;

-to encourage intercultural dialogue between young people with different cultural background and to promote common cultural values, thus to contribute to social inclusion and social cohesion.

OUTCOMES  The project outcomes are:

-To encourage and facilitate the practice and knowledge exchange between youth organisations from the partner countries with the purpose to identify innovative and effective mechanisms and tools for youth empowerment, development and participation.

-To increase the capacity of the involved youth NGOs from Europe and Asia to encourage and support the sustainable growth of communities through applying the principles of democratic engagement with their members and target groups.

– To promote active youth participation, empowerment and development by offering new educational approach to local youth that later will act as multipliers in their communities.

– To strengthen the institutional cooperation between organisations involved by redefining the goals of the existing European-Asian network of NGOs as at the same time to extend its scope and impact by introducing new member organisations.

– To support the establishments of LEAD Youth Councils that will continue functioning on local level and interacting. They will also continue exchanging experience and expertise as an international network to ensure the sustainable growth of their communities.

SUMMARY The project will empower youngsters from 5 European countries (Bulgaria, Greece, Croatia, FYROM and Italy) and 5 Asian countries (Thailand, Nepal, the Philippines, Vietnam and India) to become active actors in their local communities and to enrich their skills and abilities in policy making, decision taking, lobbing and advocacy, conflict resolution, active civic participation, strategic planning and management.

A kick-off meeting will be organised at the beginning of the project in FYROM to allow the partners to go over the planned activities and make a detailed action plan. Partners will set a Project Monitoring Committee (PMC) and will adopt a Communication Strategy (CS).

The project will be implemented in 6 phases:

I Phase: International trainings

II Phase: Job shadowing.

III Phase: Establishing an online learning platform and delivering 10 webinars

IV Phase: National trainings and setting the LEAD Youth Councils in each partner country

V Phase: Local community actions

VI Phase: International LEAD Platform

BUDGET Total budget 149 220 Euro

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