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PERIOD Duration of the project 14 months
PARTNERS 1. International Initiatives for Cooperation, Bulgaria
2. National Delegation of Student Councils, Bulgaria
3. Sensu Stricto Association, Poland
OBJECTIVES Overall objective(s) – Consolidating the youth non-governmental sector, through applying good European practices.
The consolidation of the youth sector in Bulgaria is one of the most important topics that were discussed during the preparatory phase of this project proposal. It is extremely important for the further development of the third sector in the country. Moreover, it is important for the civil society development and for its actual acknowledgement as an important part of the national decision-making process.Specific objective
1. Creating possibilities for dialogue and open partnership between youth organizations and the government, respectively the young people in Bulgaria and the relevant institutions working for youth;
2. Stabilization of the capacity of the youth organizations in Bulgaria through activating the possibility of participation in the process of decision – making (co-management);
3. Intensifying the role of civil society, through direct dialogue between the NGOs as representatives of the society and the institutions;

4. Supporting the decision making process of the government, with the creation of mechanism for consultations with the nongovernmental sector in the area of the youth policy and activities.

OUTCOMES 1. Consolidation of the youth sector in Bulgaria;
2. Created mechanism for cooperation between youth organizations in Bulgaria;
3. Created opportunity for better communication inside the sector;
4. Created opportunity for the youth sector to increase its influence in front of the society and also in front of the government;
5. Created mechanism for cooperation between youth NGOs and the government;
Detailed description:
The successful accomplishment of the project will increase the cooperation in the Youth NGO sector. A network of youth organizations will be created. The role of such networks is proven in the borders of the European Union – their members are stronger, more informed, more motivated, more popular. The striving for all ambition organizations no matter of their profile is to join and participate in networks of organizations because they know that this will increase their capacity and guarantee their place in the sector. By the creation of a network of active and proven their role in the country organizations, a opportunity for the sector to increase its influence in front of the society and also in front of the government will be created.
The consensus in the work of the sector will give a good example for the desire of the youth to work for one goal – a common future of stability and developed Civil society. On the other side the creation of the consultative commissions will help the participation of the youth organizations in the process of decision making; from its point will give positive valuation for the third sector. Co-management as an instrument of youth participation is extremely popular in the developed European countries.
Finally, the network of organizations will give opportunities for better communication inside the sector, which will increase the capacity of the third sector. Having in mind the open system for participation, the team thinks that the popularization of the network will give an example for other organizations to include.
The accomplishment of the project will provide the organizations with opportunities to develop their management capacity concerning youth work, as well as building decision-making capacities.
SUMMARY The project “CO-MANAGEMENT IN THE YOUTH FIELD” aims at creating consultative youth commissions, working in cooperation with the state bodies on a co-management basis.
This cooperation is going to be organized trough development of youth NGO network with members both political and non-political. The main objective is to activate the dialog between the youth organizations and the governmental structures and in that point of view to establish a mechanism for creation of sustainable youth policy in Bulgaria.The proposed consultative commissions will act as an umbrella of the main active youth organizations. Their main instruments will be lobby work and strategy development, which can be used for the youth work development in Bulgaria. The project follows the main recommendations of European Youth Forum (YFJ), published in the YFJ official report from youth work development study visit in Bulgaria in April 2005 and September 2006 . IIC works in cooperation with many youth NGOs in Bulgaria and has been developing the idea for the project since the last three years. For the successful implementation of the project, our team relies on the combined efforts of the youth organizations in Bulgaria and on our European partners.
BUDGET Total budget EUR 55 484
Email: office@iic-bg.org
Email: dansy@abv.bg
Email: info@sesustricto.org

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