Community of citizens – Youth sharing their values

TITLE Community of citizens – Youth sharing their values
PERIOD Peroiod of the project 22 months
PARTNERS Associação PAR – Respostas Sociais; PAR Association; IIC; Partner Mondo; TeleRadioCity
OBJECTIVES The global objective is to activate youth participation as citizens in the construction of Europe, building a Community of Practice where youth can share their experience on Fundamental Rights, and supporting a strong advocacy process – through a Challenge for youth to ‘tell’ their digital narratives, plus training, media relations, events, web 2.0 tools and final Conference.
Main target group: youth aged 16-25 (reached through universities, professional – video, com, art – schools and associations). Indirect targets: national MP’s and MEP, media, educators, practitioners and EU citizens in general.
SUMMARY A project concerning the urgence and priorities of working on awareness raising within the EU citizenship construction, namely within Youth citizenship, using the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU as a reference (in full legal effect since the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty) – paying special attention to the “many obstacles standing in the way of citizens’ enjoyement of their rights”. This project targets the priority 4.7 – Raise awareness about Union citizenship and the rights atached to it and identify obstacles to their effective exercise (CITI). With a strong focus in Global Education to develop knowledge and new attitudes towards the construction of Europe and a shared sense of belonging through its Charter of Fundamental Rights, we are creating a project with strategies to reach the youth using their tools, language, interests and spaces. The project will enhance young people’s active engagement in European issues, the feeling of being “European” in support to fundamental rights and values of Europe, and will promote the exchange and sharing of this values between youth in different countries, creating ownership and a sense of belonging to this vaste and diverse EU community.

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