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FOUNDING PROGRAM European Solidarity Corps


PERIOD From 01 April 2021 to 30 November 2022
PARTNERS 1. Association “International Initiatives for Cooperation”, Bulgaria – lead partner


3. Student-Youth Council, Georgia


5. MI HI For Training And Development,Egypt

6.Asociación International Iniciatives for Cooperation Letur, Spain

7.Yesil Bursam Dernegi, Turkey


OBJECTIVES The project objectives are as follows:

– To provide young people from different social, cultural, religious and ethnic background the opportunity to engage in solidarity activities thus improving their own skills and competences

-To provide young people opportunities for personal and professional development through social, cultural and civic engagement.

-To stimulate the involvement, creativity and innovation within young people and the local community

-To encourage the eco and social responsibility of the volunteers and the local community towards sustainable development

-To contributing to the well-being of the volunteers and the representatives of the local community where the project will take place.

-To encourage the intercultural / intergeneration dialogue and the cooperation between all the involved parties – young people, representatives of the local community and partner organisations.


OUTCOMES  The project outcomes are:

– Increased knowledge and skills of volunteers to do eco-farming, eco-agriculture and building of eco-houses

– Enhanced involvement and responsibility towards nature preservation

-I mproved capacity of the volunteers to work with different social and age groups

– Improved intergeneration communication

– Increased knowledge among the volunteers and the representatives of the local community how to improve their mental health and well-being

– Enhanced involvement in solidarity activities

– Increased opportunities for personal and professional development

– Encouraged intercultural dialogue and learning

– Strengthened cooperation between partner organisations

SUMMARY The project will strengthen the cooperation between youth organisations from Europe and neighbouring countries in the field of youth and eco-life style.It will create prerequisites for young people to engage in solidarity activities and to be part of a positive change in the community where the project is going to take place. The project will create opportunities for the volunteers involved to become more active, engaged and concerned citizens. It will help them become more tolerant, more concerned about the nature and the environment, more respectful to other cultures, and involved in the community life.Young people with fewer opportunities will be also involved in the project and that will support their inclusion and enhance their acceptance and appreciation on behalf of the other members of the society. 4 short-term volunteering teams will be hosted in Bulgaria from 8 countries for a period of 45 days during which they will work to construct eco-houses, do eco-farming and eco-agriculture. Through that activities the project will address the environmental and climate challenges. The practical experience will be also strengthened by raising awareness on ecological issues and making them more sensitive and concerned about what is happening on Earth due to social and economic irresponsibility of enterprises, politicians and citizens.We will try to raise awareness on those issues through the capacity building sessions during which they will increase their knowledge and improve their skills and abilities. The volunteering teams will consist of 12 participants of which in each group 3 young people will be with fewer opportunities. The project will be implemented in rural areas- in three villages of Razlog Municipality as all the activities are planned and will be implemented in a way to ensure intergeneration approach and inclusion of all age and social groups through facilitated gatherings. A Video Book will be developed to disseminate the results and make them visible
BUDGET Total budget 69 450 Euro

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