Inclusive Actions for Tolerance: A Journey of Learning and Connection in Kalamata

Inclusive Actions for Tolerance: A Journey of Learning and Connection in Kalamata

From the 11th to the 17th of February, Kalamata, Greece, became a beacon of hope and a hub of transformative learning for youth workers across Europe. Youth workers from our organization had the opportunity to participate to the ERASMUS+ training course “Inclusive Actions for Tolerance,” organized by Culti Multi Social Enterprise, that brought together 30 youth workers from 6 different coutries: Greece, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, Turkey, and Croatia. Their mission? To develop competences, explore and share different tools and good practices and finally create their own tools that aim at fostering Inclusion and solidarity, for all, focusing on young migrants and refugees, but widening the impact to other groups as well.

Bridging Cultures, Building Understanding

The picturesque setting of Kalamata provided the perfect backdrop for a week of intense learning and interpersonal growth. The course leveraged non-formal learning techniques to break down barriers and build bridges of understanding. Through simulation exercises, theatre as a powerful tool for social inclusion, engaging group discussions, interactive presentations, and thought-provoking debates, participants delved deep into the complexities of migration, tolerance, and social inclusion.

Objectives That Drive Change

The training was not just about imparting knowledge but was designed with clear, actionable objectives:

To enrich participants’ understanding of inclusion and tolerance, particularly concerning migrant communities.

To enhance the skills and competencies of youth workers, empowering them to more effectively integrate migrants into society.

To bolster the capacity of youth workers and their organizations to take concrete actions against racism and intolerance.

To deepen the understanding of the specific needs and challenges faced by migrants.

To foster a collaborative network of organizations and individuals committed to creating inclusive societies.

Challenges Turned Opportunities

Despite the diversity of backgrounds and perspectives, or perhaps because of it, the course faced challenges that turned into learning opportunities. Language barriers and cultural differences initially seemed daunting but were overcome through patience, creativity, and a shared commitment to inclusion. These challenges served as a living example of the course’s core message: embracing diversity enriches society.

The Road Ahead

Participants, now connected through a powerful network, returned to their communities armed with new insights, strategies, and a collective mission to promote inclusion and combat intolerance.

We sharing with you the videos from the project implementation phase:

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Final video


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