LEARNING TO PARTICIPATORY RESEARCH workshop within “Just EU and Me” project

LEARNING TO PARTICIPATORY RESEARCH workshop within “Just EU and Me” project

Participatory research is a process of investigating a specific phenomenon that includes input from those affected by an issue. The chore characteristic of participatory research is that it involves the individuals and groups that are mostly affected by the examined phenomenon in the investigative process. During the Learning to Research workshop in Greece, participants will delve into this process and its stages in order to be able to conduct their participatory research in the future.

The workshop is the 4th in situ event within “Just EU and ME” project and will be held in Athens, Greece on 2 and 3 December 2023. Young activist from five different European countries (Bulgaria, Poland, Greece, Italy and Spain) will take part in the workshop which will give them the opportunity to improve their skills and knowledge.

We will share with you the results of the workshop and the impressions of the Bulgarian participants.



JUST EU and ME project was funded by the European Union’s Citizens, Equality, Rights, and Values (CERV) Programme (2021-2027).


The project is implemented by seven European organisations: ActionAid Italia (Italy), International Initiatives for Cooperation Galicia (Spain), Foundation of Alternative Educational Initiatives (Poland), International Initiatives for Cooperation (Bulgaria), Nordic Diaspora Forum (Sweden), Transitions (Czech Republic) and European Movement International (Belgium).


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