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Media4change is continuing to find the righful place of Human Rights in journalism

Started in 2013 the project Media4Change is continuing to run its’ course. Media4Change has already completed half of the planned activities joined by 90 journalists from 13 countries to work for the highest-quality journalism. ‘We can never be fully objective because of our prejudices, likes and dislikes. However, I think that in the last four days journalists have come to understand how important it is to find a balance between what we think and what we write’ – said Joy Francis.

374988_470441956365325_43413135_n-300x286During three trainings for young journalists, professionals and editors, participants were taught how to identify hate speech, stereotypes and react properly when dealing with socially vulnerable groups. All trainings attracted attention of many journalists, who wanted to learn more about and investigate issues related to equality, diversity and human rights. Partners from Latvia, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Great Britain and Lithuania took part in educating and training participants.

‘During my investigation on nationalism-based hatred, I asked myself and the people I interviewed what is the basis of hatred and how it can be expressed. Media4Change allows one to draw attention to the topics rarely discussed in the media and to the people whose voice is not heard in the papers we usually read’ – said journalist Gabija Sabaliauskaitė.

All through the summer Media4Change will be preparing for the launch of the campaign that will include not only journalists but also members of the community. Journalists will discuss questions related to xenophobia and racism that members of the community will pose on the online platform. There are plans to also educate young journalists with the help of profesionals during the campaing, to open a consultation centre and publish various journalistic investigations. Participating journalists will have the help of their colleagues, campaign partners and already prepared methodology at their disposal.

Project is implemented with partners from 6 countries:The Baltic Center for Investigative Journalism, Arci Catania, TDM International, Concordia International Group, International Initiatives for Cooperation, Center for Economic Development, International Development Alliance, Media Diversity Institute, Civic Association for Communication and Education Sophia.

Media4Change movement is part of a project “Journalism – the Address of Human Rights”


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