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The Treasure of Hunt

The Treasure of Hunt

Often children compete with each other to prove who is the best in the group. Not just the kids, right? Some competitions are likely to make them less tolerant with each other, because they have to work autonomously to achieve individual goals. However, the SYA team came up with other values and proposed the children to play “The Treasure Hunt”. This game consists of a series challenges that the children have to overcome collaboratively to reach the treasure – it is a reward for their achievements in that contest. Since they have to work together, they are challenged to be tolerant with each other, to learn how to communicate and recognize others’ abilities. They are also told that they have to be brave to face the unknown, since no child knows what awaits them after each test. Facing the unknown teach them that there are challenges we must face, even if we feel afraid and unsafe. Therefore, the final prize is not only material it is tolerance, it is respect for the differences, it is to be positive. The treasure hunt happens in an open space, in order to connect the children’s physical and logical skills. After all, this search is still personal, because the real treasure is something they can find inside themselves. The search for the treasure was made in Gorno Draglishte and in Banya and will be made soon in Razlog, join us!



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