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“YOURPEAN Green Deal”, after the project

“YOURPEAN Green Deal”, after the project

In April this year we have sent 6 Bulgarian youngsters to Poland to a youth exchange “YOURPEAN Green Deal”, there was activities for ecology, ecological crisis and climate change. We decide to share with you some of the feeling of the participants after they came back to Bulgaria and the activities for sharing the results of the project which they have done.

In April I participated in an amazing youth exchange in Krakow, Poland. I was just fascinated of the hospitality of the Poles. Also, as a person interested in ecology and how to save our planet, I think the project has helped me a lot to learn new things and more precisely how to save water and energy and how to stop the pollution. We had interesting games, workshops and activities organised by our youth leader – Kasia. I managed to make amazing friendships by meeting wonderful people. We had a lot of fun and I dare say that this was my best project so far.

Danislava Krancheva, Razlog, Bulgaria

After the amazing project in Poland we decided to do a workshop where the goal was to introduce to more people the Green deal. The problems that our planet faces such as air pollution, deforestation, over consumption and others. We talked about how we can deal with these problems and organized a group of volunteers to clean the mountain trails from human waste. Our workshop was sponsored by EU. This workshop it a result of project “Youropean Green deal”

Ivan Tumbev, Razlog, Bulgaria


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