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A crash course for youth workers about EVS

TITLE A crash course for youth workers about EVS
FOUNDING PROGRAM Youth in action/Action 3.1 Cooperation with Neighbouring Partner Countries
PERIOD From 01/03/2011  to 15/06/2011
PARTNERS 1. European Movement Estonia/ EURO 26
2. Seiklejate Vennaskond
3. Association of Initiatives and Cooperation “Yard”
4. Active youth” AY
6. The Black Sea University Foundation (BSUF)
8. ESN Anadolu
9. Youth Development and Sport Club Association
10. Walk Together
11. Albanian Life Quality Union
12. NGO’ Eko Leonardo’ Youth Club Priboj
13. Better Life In Kosova- BLINK
15. Multi Project Organisation
16. Association of law students and young lawyers pavel satev kocani
17. The citizens community „Helm” Zrenjanin
OBJECTIVES The overall aim of our training course is to increase the quality of EVS projects by providing organizations with little or no experience in EVS with all necessary competencies (knowledge, skills and attitudes) on how to prepare, implement and evaluate good EVS projects between Programme and SEE countries.We believe that good preparation for doing EVS projects (of the project, the various partners – volunteers. HO, So, CO, the local community, etc.) is the key for making a good EVS projects.

In this project we aim to:
• To equip organizations with knowledge and skills in running projects in the framework of European Voluntary Service Programme;
• To create understanding among participants about EVS as a learning service and related quality aspects in EVS;
• To motivate participants and raise their confidence in creating EVS projects between Programme and Partner countries from SEE;
• To build quality partnerships and support system between participants of the training;
• To develop implementable EVS projects.

Also two permanent priorities of the YiA Programme – participation of young people and cultural diversity – and are the annual priority of youth unemployment will be tackled while discussing the general impact of EVS projects on various partners involved in it and the positive effects of EVS on development of volunteers’ competencies and their future competitiveness in the labour market.

OUTCOMES The main tool to disseminate the outcomes of the project will be blog with daily summaries. To make participants more involved and enable them to reflect the on the training, each day there will be a different team that will be asked to write short summary what was going on during the day and what things they learnt that might be useful for them in the future work. This would be done in the form of blog, because we believe that this is the most attractive way for young people to share the information nowadays. Nevertheless, knowing the realities in Albania, if there will be force majeure  and it will not be possible to have reasonable connecting to Internet throughout the time of whole TC, then the report will be done in a regular form – electronically. This report will serve participants as a good material to go back later when they have forgotten some things from the training, it could be shared with other members of their organizations and used also for future trainings.
Apart from this we will make a simple short film about the training with pictures and messages from the training that will be uploaded in youtube and later posted on participants’ facebook.
SUMMARY International training “A crash course for youth workers about EVS” is designed to increase the quality of EVS projects by providing organizations with little or no experience in EVS with all necessary competencies (knowledge, skills and attitudes) on how to prepare, implement and evaluate good EVS projects. We have chose to make this training course, because we want to give the organizations with no prior experience in this field equal opportunity to get involved in EVS programme as organizations, which have been active in this field for many years and have in a way monopolized it.The training course would last for 7 days, include 35 participants from 9 organizations in Programme countries (Estonia, Latvia, Malta, Romania, Spain, Turkey) and 8 organizations from South East European countries (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, FYOR Macedonia and Serbia). It will be held in Durres, Albania.

To assure the maximum effect, for the training course we have chosen interactive and highly involving non-formal education methods. Apart from more traditional forms of work like work in groups, presentations, case studies and role-plays and simulations, important part of the training will include good and bad practice example case studies, visits to organizations that currently host volunteers to learn their experience as well as meeting with current and ex-volunteers.

BUDGET Total budget 22 407,50 / Co-financement 5 842,50
LINKS Walk Together
WEB: www.walk-together.com
Email: info@walk-together.com

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