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TITLE Practical Educational Approaches for Cultural Equilibrium  / “PEACE”
FOUNDING PROGRAM CEI Cooperation Activity
PARTNERS 1. International Initiatives for Cooperation
2. Associazione Culturale Il Monastero
3. United Youth of Europe
4. Balkan Children Youth Foundation (BCYF)
5. Omladinski kreativni klub – OKklub (Youth Creative Club- OK Club)
6. NGO People
7. Directorate for Youth and Sports
8. Young Partners for Civil Society Development Association
9. Youthnet Hellas
OBJECTIVES The training course is divided into 4 modules covered in 10 days. The training will propose the multipliers tools to work with young people by encouraging intercultural dialogue and emphasising its role for prevention of conflicts, intolerance, xenophobia and discrimination.
Six international campaigns will be organised, in the partner countries to promote intercultural dialogue and cooperation and raise awareness on common values.
As a whole the project will help:
• Develop models for effective and cooperative behaviour in multicultural environment of young people from conflict areas and fields
• Create a feeling among the youngsters that they are part of a whole, to explore the things that unite them, as well as their differences
• Young people perceive cultural differences as values and become more sensitive to those differences
• Young people increase sensibility to intolerance and discrimination
• Young people become aware of the manifestations of discrimination and the problems of multicultural society and elaborate ways to manage it
• Develop a tolerant community among young people from conflict areas and fields
• Improve young people’s knowledge and awareness on other cultures
OUTCOMES The project will provide the multipliers with information will upgrade their expertise and will propose interactive tools that they will be able to apply in their work thus positively influencing the youngster’s perceptions and attitudes towards different cultures. The youngsters are biased to accept new ideas and they are the bearers of change in nowadays society. The project results and outcomes will be disseminated among all interested stakeholders on European level though formal and informal networks, to which we, as partners, belong.
The project is also intended to have a great impact, especially on local level, by organising the international campaigns and public actions.
SUMMARY The topic of intercultural learning and cooperation is of a big importance nowadays, as it creates a feeling of personal and national identity, but at the same time it promotes belonging to a common European culture and values. The themes concerned in each activity of the project proposal are related to each other and correspond to the overall objective of the project. The programme was carefully elaborated by representatives of the partner organisations who have extensive knowledge and experience in the field of non-formal and informal education. Sharing experience through presentations, discussions in small and big groups and practical exercises will foster mutual understanding and awareness of the importance of intercultural learning and cooperation.
During the implementation of the activities the partners will cooperate with their colleagues from the networks mentioned in order to promote the project and its programme, to reach greater number of potential beneficiaries and multiply experience.
All the partners in the project have recognised the importance for intercultural dialogue and cooperation for creating a common European space of tolerance and mutual understanding. That is why they have undertaken actions to encourage and improve the intercultural dialogue in the region by training multipliers who will raise awareness on the topic and will act as messengers of the idea.
The partnership will continue to work on the topic of intercultural learning and cooperation by developing new projects and initiatives and by extending the scope in terms of partnership, content and geographical coverage
BUDGET Total budget 34905

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