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YouthNET 4 News – TC for CSO

TITLE YouthNET 4 News – TC for CSOs
FOUNDING PROGRAM CEI Cooperation Activity
PERIOD 23-31 July 2010
PARTNERS 1. IIC – applicant
2. Partners from:
– Austria – United Youth of Europe
– Bulgaria – Media Development Center
– Italy – Associazione Culturale Il Monastero ; BinarioUno
– Macedonia – Balkan Children Youth Foundation
– Romania – Asociation “Tinerii Secolului XXI”
– Serbia – BalkanIDEA Novi Sad
– Ukraine – Charitable Fund “ASPERN”
OBJECTIVES The project aims at adopting and applying some of the tools and instruments of media into youth work with the purpose to create a better image of the youth NGOs and youth work. The partners will cooperate to introduce and apply the variety of opportunities that media provides in order to positively influence youngsters in becoming responsible and active citizens by developing their critical thinking and personal, social and professional skills, and to encourage peace-building and conflict prevention. The project aims at developing the capacity of youth organisations as it will test and propose solutions for youth organisations and youngsters how to use different means of media to promote their activities, to access information, to send out messages to the public and raise awareness, to disseminate any type of information and to stimulate their active citizenship and personal development. The activities foreseen include an online preparation meeting and a TC for youth leaders, youth workers, young people and NGO media officers in Romania.The innovative aspect of the project can be observed in the way the project is going to reflect the    novelties and innovations in the fields of media, PR and marketing and consequently apply those new tools into youth work. It is crucial for youth organisations to have the appropriate knowledge how to adopt the new media tools with the purpose to promote their activities, attract new members, make their actions more visible and positively impact their target communities.
OUTCOMES The project activities will enable the participant to broaden their vision, to improve their skills, to become more effective in delivering messages to the youngsters and the community thus creating necessary preconditions for the development of youth work and the application of youth policies. By introducing tools and approaches applicable to the media, PR and marketing, the participants will become more informed and capable of adopting these tools to promote their ideas and virtues and what is more important they will be heard.
BUDGET Total budget 31764 euro

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