Digital Media Literacy, TC in Krushevo, North Macedonia

Digital Media Literacy, TC in Krushevo, North Macedonia

International Initiatives for Cooperation is looking for 3 young workers (Bulgarians 18+) for a training course “Digital Media Literacy”. The TC will be held in Krushevo, North Macedonia.

The dates of the training are: 5-10 May 2023, 5 arrival before 13:00 o’clock and departure on 10the after 13:00 o’clock.

The project aims to teach youth digital media literacy skills, how to consume online media wisely, analyse media messages, test reliability, develop critical thinking and give them knowledge and skills to implement new activities and new approaches in order to promote digital media literacy among a wider audience. The project seeks to realise the following specific objectives:

  • To develop critical thinking skills
  • To understand how media messages shape our culture &amp society and one’s own beliefs about the real world
  • To recognise what the digital media maker wants us to believe or do
  • To recognise misinformation, lies and attempts for abuse
  • To discover the parts of the story that are not being told
  • To evaluate media messages based on own experiences, skills, beliefs, and values
  • To enhance international communication of young people and youth workers
  • To promote Digital Media Literacy and Erasmus

More detailed and practical information can be found in the document: DML INFOPACK

If you want to apply for the project send your CV to:

Deadline for application:  20 April 2023

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