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Make a Difference 3 / Vietnam

Make a Difference 3 / Vietnam

TITLE Make a Difference 3 / Vietnam
PERIOD From 01/04/2014 to 31/07/2015
PARTNERS 1. IIC – applicant
2. Partner – Vietnam Youth Education Support Center
OBJECTIVES The main objectives of the project are:
-to build the capacity of the volunteers for personal and professional realisation and to develop their knowledge and skills in
non-formal education, intercultural learning and active participation, thus to turn them into multipliers in their societies;
-to encourage cooperation between partners from European and non-European countries in the field of youth policies and
youth support systems;
-to encourage intercultural dialogue between young people with different cultural background and to promote common
cultural values, thus to contribute to social inclusion and social cohesion.
OUTCOMES The results of the activities will indicate volunteers’ development during the process of nonformal education for multipliers of youth and intercultural activities. Volunteers will be trained to multiply their competences on project management, youth work and cultural initiatives in the local community of their organisations. During their voluntary service the volunteers will publish various impressions, facts and personal experience in the online “Guidebook of the Volunteer”.
The outcomes from the voluntary activities will be published in the most active and popular social media channels, so that the materials will be available to large number of target groups representatives and (potential) partners.
The expected effect from the voluntary activities is the efficient communication in a friendly environment. Youngsters will learn from each-other’s culture. By living and working in international group, youngsters will train their team spirit and will develop skills for work in dynamic atmosphere. Thus the competences obtained during their EVS activities will be useful for their future personal and professional realization. Youthpass certificate with description of the competences obtained during the voluntary service will be given to volunteers, so that they will be able to use it in their professional endeavors.
SUMMARY Make a Difference is an EVS project which involves partners from Programme Countries and Other Countries of the World.
Organisations from Bulgaria and Vietnam will cooperate within the project on the themes of Youth Policies and Art and Culture.
Non-formal education is still not very popular in Vietnam but based on our previous projects and experience we have
encountered high level of motivation and eagerness among young people and youth workers to incorporate it better into their
extra-curricular educational forms. The volunteers from Vietnam who will implement their EVS in Bulgaria will obtain the capacity to multiply and exploit the methods, approaches and tools obtained during their EVS when they turn back in their
The volunteers from Bulgaria who will implement their EVS in Vietnam will be able to share experience with youth workers there and to identify best practices in youth work which are innovative for the Bulgarian reality, as the host organisation in Vietnam have extensive experience in volunteering programmes and workcamps, but often they use different methods and tools from the ones popular in Bulgaria. Thus when they turn back to Bulgaria they will be able to contribute with innovative methods and approaches and enhance local and national youth support systems.
BUDGET Total budget 36820 euro

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